Locomotion Pop Hostel

Montevideo 225, Córdoba

Locomotion: A place of rest and delight. A place to kick back, with a beer maybe, and hook up with fellow travelers A place with a big, brightly colored, roof terrace, perfect for lounging on by sunny days and throwing parties at night A hostel decorated by pop artists from across South America. A hostel without regimented hours for breakfast so you can get up late safe in the knowledge that we will not deprive you of coffee A hostel with cable TV and play station for when you are feeling lazy A hostel where you can book tours but where no-one will try and sell you one unless you ask. A hostel where the staff gives you advice about free things to do rather than trying to part you from your hard earned budget A hostel with a good kitchen A hostel not only with internet but with hundreds of MP3 files of international music. A hostel with occasional parties with live DJs and LIVE bands Every Sunday! A hostel that costs from $18 pesos a night Maybe we will see you here soon...

Dirección Locomotion Pop Hostel

Montevideo 225 , CP: 5000 , Córdoba , Argentina
Teléfono: No especificado
Fax: No especificado

Locomotion Pop Hostel

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